How Continued Drug Use Leads to an Overdose

How Continued Drug Use Leads to an Overdose

If you are currently addicted to using drugs — whether the substances are legal or illegal — you are at great risk for an overdose. Regardless of what drugs are used; if you are taking more of it over time, you will build up a tolerance, … [Read More...]

Methadone Abuse Signs and Symptoms

Methadone abuse typically occurs in the wake of breaking an addiction to another, more powerful narcotic. It is a synthetic opiate with addictive properties if not appropriately administered. It has the same characteristics as other drugs in this class and is used to replace other medications such as … [Read More...]

Methadone Abuse Warning Signs

- Combining methadone with alcohol or other substances
- Lying to the doctor about symptoms to get a higher dose of the drug
- Taking more of the drug than the label indicates
- Using methadone while continuing to use heroin
- Obtaining the drug illegally on the street

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