10 Ways to Resist a Craving to Methadone

10 Ways to Resist a Craving to Methadone

Going for a walk is one way to discourage crafings for methadone

Overcoming addiction is a tremendous accomplishment, but sobriety is a lifetime commitment that requires constant maintenance. Cravings can occur several times during one’s recovery, and the way you react to these cravings can govern your sobriety.

10 Ways to Resist Methadone Cravings

Methadone cravings can be so strong that they lead to relapse, but you can resist cravings with the following tips:

  • Take a walk
  • Talk it out
  • Take a bath
  • Meditate
  • Express your feelings
  • Adopt a “here and now” mindset
  • Find a healthy distraction
  • Remind yourself of the times you overcome cravings
  • Seek help
  • Look for alternatives to drugs

The key to overcoming a drug craving is to distract yourself, whether that means taking a walk, talking to someone, taking a bath or meditating. Furthermore, cravings typically last for only 10-15 minutes, but if one lasts longer than that, then you are probably near a stimulus that triggers you. However, if you think about the tough times you have survived, then you may get past the craving. Each recovering user seeks unique ways to overcome cravings, but some people give into temptation and relapse.

Warning Signs of Relapse

Every recovering user struggles with sobriety at some point, so they question if sobriety is the best option. The following signs suggest that a relapse is near:

  • Thinking that it is safe to use drugs every once in a while
  • Falling back into old habits
  • Constantly thinking about using

Some recovering addicts believe that, because of the tools and knowledge they now have, they can control themselves if they use drugs on occasion. The problem with this mindset is that it jeopardizes recovery and puts people on the verge of addiction all over again. Falling back into old habits (such as hanging with past friends, who you regularly used with or visiting places where you used drugs) can intensify cravings to where users think they must succumb. By placing yourself in unfavorable environments, you likely think constantly about using, so you may initiate a full-blown relapse.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you love is addicted to methadone or has difficulty overcoming cravings, then please call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to help you overcome addiction. One call can change your life, so call now.