5 Ways to Rebuild Your Life after Methadone Rehab

5 Ways to Rebuild Your Life after Methadone RehabCompleting addiction rehab for methadone addiction is only the first step in your recovery. Once you have left a recovery program, you must put your life back together after the ravages of addiction. There are many ways in which you can accomplish this task.

Financial Recovery

Financial recovery from methadone addiction is a work in process, just like rehab. In most cases, you have faced (or continue to face) the financial repercussions of your addiction. You may have lost your job. You may have had to pay court or legal fees. To recover financially, you will need to complete several steps. Elements of financial recovery include the following:

  • Setting up a budget
  • Ridding your life of excesses (gourmet coffee, satellite, and magazine subscriptions)
  • Securing a job
  • Paying off debts one by one
  • Developing a savings plan

You may want to consider talking with a financial planner for help. You can also look online for other tips for developing a plan for financial recovery.

Mental Health Maintenance

Maintaining your mental health is a critical element in recovering your life. You need to find healthy ways to express anger, sadness, loneliness, and other emotions that might tempt you to relapse. You may want to continue talking with a therapist as you rebuild your life. You will also want to develop healthy relationships in which you can express yourself.

Social Development

The social circles you used to belong to are probably not good choices for you. They likely encouraged drug use or at least allowed you to hide your use. You will need to develop a new circle of friends who will not only accept you as you are, but who will also hold you accountable for your behavior. You can find new friends at 12-step meetings, church, drug-free parties, and even hobbyist events. In addition, you can utilize current healthy relationships.

Physical Health

One of the most important aspects of your recovery is the maintenance of your physical health. Regular exercise releases endorphins that will help you feel good while relieving stress at the same time. In addition, eating healthy foods and getting plenty of rest will help maintain your recovery. Remember the principle of HALT—the risk of using when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Make sure take care of your body as a preventative measure for relapse.

Spiritual Formation

If you have leaned on a higher power as an aspect of your addiction recovery, you will want to continue to develop that relationship as you rebuild your life. You can become active in a church, mosque, congregation, temple, chapter, or any other group of people with like-minded spiritual beliefs. If you are unfamiliar with those in your area, talk with the leader of your local 12-step meeting. He or she will likely know the options you can choose from.

Getting Help for Your Addiction

If you or someone you love is struggling with a methadone addiction, we can help. You can call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline any time. You can talk with one of our admissions counselors who can help you determine the best treatment options for your unique situation. Rebuilding your life after methadone rehab can only happen if you first get help for your addiction. Call us today to start on that road to recovery.