6 Excuses People Make When They’re Addicted to Methadone

6 Excuses People Make When They're Addicted to Methadone

People hooked on methadone may believe they can quit using the drug whenever they want

Rehab is an effective way for addicts to get clean from methadone, a synthetic opioid designed to satisfy an opiate addict’s need for drugs without providing an intoxicating high. For instance, people who are addicted to opiates may take methadone while attending school or work, as long as they get a regular supply of the drug. However, eventually a heroin addict may end up becoming addicted to methadone, which means that she must get clean once and for all. Methadone is not intended as a life-long treatment, but the following six excuses are commonly heard from methadone addicts.

Methadone Must Be Safer than Heroin

Since methadone is used to treat addiction, many people mistakenly believe it is safe for recreational use. While methadone will not produce a high in opiate addicts, it will do so in non-addicts. People who incorrectly assume that a drug is safe may divert illegal supplies for abuse purposes, which often creates a gateway to opiate addiction.

I Can Stop Using Methadone Whenever I Want

People who are hooked on methadone may believe they can quit using the drug whenever they want. However, whether used recreationally or as part of a licensed treatment program, the drug is still addictive, so this excuse is a direct result of the psychological power of addiction.

If I Don’t Have Methadone, I’ll Lose My Job

Many people who know that they should address their methadone addiction believe they lack the time to do so. Fear of losing a job or missing classes might keep them using the drug. While it is inconvenient to detox from methadone, the long-term benefits of being clean are obvious.

I Don’t Think I Can Survive Detox

Most opiate addicts have experienced detox and withdrawal at least once, but the physical pain and sickness combined with the emotional trauma can be terrifying. On a deep psychological level, addicts’ brains want to do anything to prevent that kind of misery from happening again, which means they will keep using drugs even if they know such activity is dangerous. However, proper methadone detox is usually accomplished over time, and the physical symptoms can be relatively minor.

I’ll Feel Weird Around My Friends

Most opiate addicts develop an entirely new network of drug-using friends when they become addicted to a drug. While these relationships often feel important, they are frequently shallow and destructive. Any friendship built on drug abuse will only bring you down. There’s a world of new relationships to be established once you get clean from drugs, and you deserve better than the unhealthy friends you feel so connected to because of drugs.

Life Will Be Miserable Without Opiates

A common lie that addicts tell themselves is that life in addiction recovery will be boring or miserable. Many addicts don’t even realize that this attitude hovers in the background of their minds, but the truth is that life after addiction often includes peace of mind, physical health, improved relationships, financial security, a sense of purpose and self-respect. Don’t believe the lie that your addicted mind is telling you, because getting off of methadone is amazing.

24 Hour Methadone Addiction Help

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