Best Solutions for Methadone Abuse

Best solutioins for methadone abuseAn addiction to methadone is always physically difficult, but when compared to other controlled substances, methadone in particular has the tendency to create powerful psychological holds in the mind of the user.

This can happen for a few reasons. Many addictions begin when methadone is used as an anti-addictive for patients suffering from opiate addiction. Patients receive regular regulated doses of methadone to make them more comfortable during the painful withdrawal symptoms that accompany opiate detox. Methadone also acts as a kind of substitute medication to curb opium cravings. The use of methadone in this way is highly controversial, and while it works for some, many medical professionals feel that this procedure allows patients to trade one addiction for another. Evidence for this claim can be seen in the increasing number of patients suffering from methadone addiction.

Emotionally, an addiction to methadone can be difficult for a patient to comprehend, and the realization that they have become addicted to a new substance during the process of recovering from the old one can push them further and further into addiction.

Addictions that result from a legitimate prescription for pain management also create emotional complications because despite their dependence, these patients have a real need for some type of prescription pain reliever.

Methadone Rehabilitation Centers

After an addiction has taken place, an attempt to discontinue the use of methadone at home or by using cold-turkey methods is rarely successful. The physical and emotional repercussions of methadone addiction are usually too powerful. For this reason, a residential rehab facility often provides patients with the best chance at a successful recovery.

Residential rehab facilities allow patients with methadone addictions to receive professional care around the clock. This is a step toward ensuring their safety, comfort and success throughout the rehab process.

Usually, detox is the first step. After the body is completely cleansed from the buildup of toxins and chemicals after the last dose of methadone, rehab begins to focus on the psychological aspects of the addiction. Therapy is especially helpful in that it allows a patient to understand some of the reasons that an addiction began. From there, steps can be taken to prevent a relapse.

Resources for Methadone Rehabilitation

If you are struggling with an addiction to methadone, you may feel as if recovery is no longer an option. Even if your addiction is the result of a rehab attempt, you should know that successful treatment options do exist. We are standing by 24 hours a day at our toll-free helpline to take your calls, and we look forward to helping you find the recovery options you seek. Please call us today.