Four Ways People Disguise Their Use of Methadone

When your loved one becomes addicted to methadone, he likely won’t admit it if you ask him. Addicts develop elaborate ways of hiding their addiction from others and deny a problem if asked about it outright. … [Read more...]

Differences Between Side Effects of Methadone and Addiction Symptoms

Methadone is primarily used as a painkiller, but it is commonly integrated into addiction detox and maintenance programs for heroin addicts. For some people, methadone can be a miracle, because it helps … [Read more...]

Unexpected Side Effects of Methadone Use

Every substance has side effects, many of them unpleasant or even dangerous. Methadone, an opioid painkiller, is no exception. Many of its side effects are common among opiates, so they are well known … [Read more...]

Drug Paraphernalia Associated with Methadone

Methadone is a drug used to treat opiate addiction. Methadone is a synthetic opiate that produces the same effects as an opiate without the withdrawal symptoms. People who use methadone to detox from drugs … [Read more...]

How to Know When a Methadone User Needs Emergency Help

Methadone is a controversial drug that helps addicts recover from addiction. The controversy stems from the drug’s addictive quality, as many people argue that users trade one substance of abuse for … [Read more...]

Methadone Abuse Signs and Symptoms

Methadone abuse typically occurs in the wake of breaking an addiction to another, more powerful narcotic. It is a synthetic opiate with addictive properties if not appropriately administered. It has the … [Read more...]