Is My Friend Addicted to Methadone?

By Jim Woods Methadone changes the way the brain responds to pain, producing a similar effect to opiates and preventing withdrawal symptoms after individuals stop opiate use.1 So if it helps people … [Read more...]

How to Shield My Child from Addicted Family Members

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Why Patience Is Important in a Loved One’s Rehab

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4 Ways to Support a Friend Recovering from Methadone Abuse

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How Can Moms Help Adult Children Struggling with Methadone Abuse?

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Uniting as a Family to Overcome Methadone Addiction

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Misconceptions about Interventions for Methadone Users

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How to Prepare for a Conversation about a Loved One’s Methadone Addiction

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How to Know When a Methadone User Needs Emergency Help

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What Made My Loved One a Methadone Addict?

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