Planning an Intervention for Methadone Abuse

Planning an intervention is difficult to do if you have never experienced one. Not all interventions are as they seem on TV, and it takes a team of dedicated people to plan every aspect of the intervention, … [Read more...]

Misconceptions about Interventions for Methadone Users

Methadone interventions can succeed and lead your loved one into recovery, but this may be more difficult than you expect. This may be in part due to confusion about how effective interventions are, as … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for a Conversation about a Loved One’s Methadone Addiction

If your loved one has become a methadone addict, there comes a time when you need to talk to your loved one about his or her addiction. Methadone addiction can hurt your loved one and your loved one’s … [Read more...]

The Importance of Holding an Intervention for Methadone Use

Methadone is a prescription narcotic used to relieve moderate to severe pain. Methadone is typically prescribed if a non-narcotic pain reliever fails to alleviate pain. Methadone works by changing the … [Read more...]

Methadone Intervention

Watching a friend sink deep into addiction can devastating. While you may see symptom after symptom of addiction, some friends refuse to acknowledge their problem, even when their lives begin to spin out … [Read more...]