Victims of Bullying and Methadone Abuse

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Methadone and Sleep Disorders

Methadone is an opioid pain reliever used as part of drug addiction detoxification programs and to treat pain. Methadone reduces the withdrawal symptoms in those who are addicted to heroin and other narcotics … [Read more...]

How Methadone Addiction Influences Your Children

When people become addicted to methadone, they may believe their behavior affects only themselves, but this is false. Methadone damages not only users, but also their children, which means that users should … [Read more...]

Work-Related Stress and Methadone Addiction

Stress is an unfortunate factor of life experienced by all. Stress can be managed by utilizing various methods of coping. Meditation, deep breathing, and listening to music are all appropriate coping mechanisms … [Read more...]

Autoimmune Disorders and Methadone Addiction

The immune system is the defense mechanism of the body. Once the immune system detects a foreign infectious agent like a bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasitic worm, chemicals and special cells are deployed … [Read more...]

How Others Influence Your Methadone Use

Methadone use is sometimes controversial and stigmatized. Many researchers believe the drug is a powerful tool to decrease cravings for opiate use while other anti-drug groups believe people must learn … [Read more...]

Dangers of Relapsing on Methadone

As methadone is widely used to treat opioid dependence, it should not come as a surprise that this drug is commonly involved in relapse. While it can wean addicts from a stronger opiate, the drug can be … [Read more...]

Methadone Use Problems among 25-40 Year-Olds

According to the Mayo Clinic, methadone treats moderate to severe pain when relief is needed for a chronic condition. Methadone is an opioid analgesic, meaning it is a narcotic painkiller people should … [Read more...]

How Much Methadone Will Cause an Overdose?

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How Methadone Affects Sleep

Methadone can cause alterations in brain chemistry that negatively affect certain brain waves related to sleep regulation. Sleep rates can become shorter and less efficient from methadone abuse, resulting … [Read more...]