Counseling for Methadone Addiction

Counseling for Methadone addictionMethadone is a drug used to help people overcome serious narcotic and opiate. It is prescribed to help recovering users avoids withdrawal symptoms and stop using their drug of choice more easily. However, the following are some of the problems associated with methadone treatment:

  • The methadone user is trading one addiction for another addiction
  • Methadone can be expensive and time consuming
  • Many methadone users are hooked on methadone for life
  • Many methadone users are tied to their methadone clinic and avoid vacations, travel abroad or other fun activities
  • Methadone users must constantly return to methadone clinics or methadone doctors on a regular basis
  • Methadone only works for those addicted to morphine, heroin or other opiate drugs; if the methadone user is prone to addictive behavior, he or she may find a new addiction such as alcoholism, gambling addiction, eating addiction or sex addiction
  • Many methadone users remain addicted to methadone, fearing that methadone withdrawal will be painful or impossible
  • If methadone is misused or abused, even accidentally, it can cause a more serious addiction or life-threatening effects

Methadone use has serious effects and drawbacks, and methadone users may struggle with ending their drug use.

How to Stop Using Methadone

The best way to stop using methadone is with a medically supervised detox followed by counseling services. A medically supervised detox can help you stop using methadone, heroin or any other addictive substance safely. Counseling with an experienced and knowledgeable counselor can help you adjust to this life change in a safe, helpful environment. A good counselor can act as your coach, supporting and helping you through this time. If you are ready to consider a life without methadone, you may want to consider a reputable rehab center with medically supervised detox services. A quality rehab counseling program can offer such benefits as the following:

  • Clinically proven success rates  and better results
  • Nurses and doctors that only work with detox and have specialized detox training and experience
  • A detox experience that you feel more comfortable  and acts easier on your body
  • A caring nursing staff that can help treat withdrawal symptoms as they occur
  • Counselors and therapists to help you adjust to life without methadone
  • Immediate response medical care to ensure that you do not become ill
  • Faster recovery and a more swift detox

Help Finding Counseling for Methadone Addiction

Our toll-free helpline is staffed by caring counselors that are ready to help you. We can offer information on methadone recovery and wellness. Let us help you begin a new life, free from methadone and other drugs. All of our calls are confidential, and we are available 24 hours a day. Call us today to learn more.