Creating New Traditions after Methadone Rehab

Creating New Traditions after Methadone Rehab

Sports and exercise can become a new tradition

Addiction can be an all-consuming force in the addicted person’s life. The decision to seek treatment is both admirable and life saving. But once treatment nears an end, many patients worry about what life will be like after rehab. It’s important to replace old habits with new traditions in order to prevent relapse.

Many people participate in methadone treatment as a way to stop using opiate drugs such as painkillers or heroin. In other situations, methadone can be abused without a previous addiction. While methadone addiction is considered less serious than heroin addiction, methadone dependence can cause methadone withdrawal and cravings just like any other addictive drug. It’s important to have strong support systems and activities to replace temptations to use.

Replacing Methadone Use with New Actions

Many people do not understand addiction, and they may tell a former addict to simply do other things instead of using drugs. However, drug dependence and opiate addiction in particular are often very complicated conditions. Opiate abuse usually has more than one cause. A person may use when stressed, when sad, or angry. An addicted person may not fully understand his or her reasons for using. That is why it is important to participate in addiction recovery with the assistance of trained addiction professionals.

Replacing methadone use and dependence with new hobbies and habits will take practice. A good treatment center and addiction counselor will help the addict understand the causes of addiction and resolve past traumas. Once these are resolved, or emotional healing has begun, it will be much easier to begin to break these old habits.

Every addict should allow time for healing and change. A quality addiction counselor can help.

Prevent or Treat Methadone Relapse

Part of a quality treatment program involves understanding trauma, addiction and life history. Understanding these things may lead you to new experiences and opportunities in life. You may be able to prevent relapse by exploring these new, healthy habits and hobbies. Some popular interests include:

  • Reading or writing
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sports and exercise
  • Movies, music and the arts
  • Social or community groups and volunteering
  • New career paths or goals
  • Twelve step or sobriety groups

Remember to start small. Do not start a new hobby with the intention of being perfect or of being the best of the group. Allow time to try new things.

Create a Support Network To Stay Sober—Find Methadone Recovery Help Today

A supportive network of friends or family is essential to maintaining sobriety. You can call us today to learn more about addiction support groups, methadone rehab treatment, methadone relapse prevention and family counseling.

If someone you love is struggling with addiction, we can help you find a licensed interventionist, reputable rehab programs, methadone detox programs and more. All calls are always free to you and completely confidential.