Does Methadone Abuse Have Permanent Side Effects?

Does Methadone Abuse Have Permanent Side Effects?Under proper medical supervision, methadone is a potent painkiller and a successful way to break opiate addiction. While this synthetic opiate can be very helpful, methadone is also highly addictive. Long-term methadone use can have lasting physical, psychological and indirect effects.

Long-Term Physical Effects of Methadone Abuse

Even with monitored, prescription use, lung and breathing problems can develop after one year of methadone use. Abusing this medication can bring on respiratory problems much quicker. After 6 months to 3 years of methadone intake, people have experienced persistent constipation, trouble sleeping (insomnia or nightmares), changes in appetite (weight gain or loss) and sweating. Testosterone levels in men and menstrual cycles in women are disrupted after heavy methadone abuse. Both men and women have reported sexual dysfunction and reduced libido.

Long-Term Psychological Effects of Methadone Abuse

Physical tolerance and dependence to methadone can quickly turn into a psychological addiction. Once psychologically addicted, you need methadone to feel normal or to function at all. This side of addiction may be something you’ll battle for the rest of your life. Addiction is considered by most medical professionals to be a chronic disease of the brain. Addiction is treatable – you can live a full life without methadone abuse. However, there is no cure. Rehab for methadone abuse can teach you how to avoid situations that trigger relapse, and it can make living with a psychological addiction much easier.

Indirect Effects of Methadone Abuse

Mixing methadone with central nervous system depressants such as alcohol can cause respiratory depression and heavy sedation. Illness or injury – such as car wrecks – can be attributed to the sedative effects of drug interactions or methadone overdose.

Teeth rot is another indirect effect of methadone use. If not stopped in its early stages, this can eventually lead to teeth problems because the saliva that protects the teeth is no longer present.

Some of the most devastating effects of methadone abuse affect addicts socially. Job loss, poor grades or the loss of scholarships or child custody, along with legal or financial trouble are some of the permanent social implications of methadone abuse. You will also lose the irreplaceable time with family and friends that you spent obtaining and abusing methadone. Broken relationships will be difficult to repair when addiction separates you emotionally from your loved ones.

Methadone Addiction Rehabilitation Help

Proper detox and medical care are offered to treat the physical effects of methadone abuse. Caring counselors and therapists will help you work through psychological addiction. Marriage counseling and family therapy can help repair damaged relationships. When you call, ask about how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab so that paying for addiction recovery is easy.

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction, you should seek professional help immediately. Getting help early is first step to a successful recovery. That’s why our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day. Our call center agents will be there to answer your questions about rehab and talk with you about possible treatment options.