Does the Media Affect Methadone Use?

Does the Media Affect Methadone Use?Methadone is primarily used to wean addicts off of heroin or as a pain reliever when other drugs fail to relieve pain. It is a street drug people abuse in the same way as they do heroin or other opiates. Methadone works for heroin addicts by blocking cravings, although it does not produce the same feelings of euphoria. This method is somewhat controversial as methadone is also addictive. This usually happens as people fear relapse that they take methadone long term.

The way the media portrays methadone addicts can make the drug use look appealing or seem less serious than it is. Methadone addicts often make the news because they are celebrities or other people of influence in business or politics. Because reality TV is so popular, people often see drug users in these shows and thereby misunderstand the dangers of methadone addiction. Other media outlets like public television shows and news journals attempt to present the truth about methadone use. The media greatly influences methadone use, depending on the way it presents the drug and the people addicted to it.

Methadone Use in Reality TV

Reality TV shows that follow methadone addicts through recovery can be powerful tools in the fight against drug use. Methadone addicts are often recovering heroin addicts and have to visit methadone clinics several times each week to keep their addiction under control. Journalists and production companies use these shows to present how desperate life can be when people are addicted to heroin or methadone. The day-to-day struggles, relapse, withdrawal and detox processes are designed to keep people from using and becoming addicted to drugs.

Methadone Use in the News

Another media outlet that shapes methadone abuse is the news. Both local and national news programs that shine a light on methadone and heroin addiction help inform the public about the danger of illicit drug use. These organizations also expose high-profile figures that are addicted to methadone and other drugs so fans will understand how inglorious drug abuse can be. Programs that include footage of detox, recovery and rehab focus on the difficult struggle addicts face when coping with sobriety.

News organizations must walk a fine line between glorifying methadone addiction and exposing it for the difficult life it creates. When they pay too much attention to a particular drug or user, that individual can take on a heroic persona. Young people are particularly susceptible to hero worship and may be tempted to experiment with methadone to act like their idol. Parents need to have ongoing conversations with their teens about the dangers of drug use, and they can use news programs about methadone addiction to help prevent drug abuse in their children.

Help for Methadone Addiction

Using the media to understand the dangers of methadone addiction can be a powerful tool in the war against drug abuse. But the temptation to get and use methadone can overwhelm those people who struggle with addiction. If you or a loved one needs help dealing with a methadone addiction, we are here for you. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline now and let us help you today.