Getting Help for How You Feel Without Using Methadone

Getting Help for How You Feel Without Using MethadoneIt is common to use drugs as a way to numb feelings or find an escape from life’s problems or to self-medicate a mental health issue. While methadone may help you feel better for a short period of time, it is only a temporary fix, and over time will increase your problems and hurt your physical health. Methadone is a synthetic opioid drug that is commonly used to help a person stop using other opiates, however it can be abused in its own right. Methadone abuse is a serious problem that can have devastating consequences on both your life and the lives of those around you. There are ways to feel better without turning to methadone.

Why Is Using Methadone a Bad Way to Deal with Problems?

While the feelings of euphoria that can accompany methadone use might make you feel better temporarily, the results of methadone abuse can be disastrous. Methadone alters the chemicals in the brain. In a short amount of time the body will adjust its functioning to incorporate the effects of the drug, and it will expect regular doses of methadone. If a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety was part of the reason you began using methadone, methadone use will likely worsen the original symptoms and trigger new ones. When an addiction occurs, it will lead to additional trouble. Physical health deteriorates, jobs are lost, finances are depleted, and relationships are strained and often ruined. When someone is addicted to methadone, the drug seems more important than anything else. This focus means that every other aspect of a person’s life suffers.

If I Don’t Take Methadone, How Can I Feel Better?

There are many reasons a person may be experiencing negative emotions. The first step in overcoming these feelings and getting free from methadone is getting help. There are rehab professionals who can help you get clean and learn how to cope without relying on a substance. Through an individualized treatment and recovery plan you will undergo elements such as counseling, therapy, support group attendance and other therapies that will enable you to take your life back and deal with its problems. Rehab can help you rebuild relationships, gain life skills and learn how diet and exercise can contribute to the way you feel. There are also program of treatment available for people who are struggling with both methadone addiction and a co-occurring mental health issue. This is known as integrated treatment. Unless both problems are resolved, it is unlikely that a person will be able to achieve a lasting recovery. However when you get the help you need, you can learn how to lead a happy, healthy life without using methadone.

Do You Need Methadone Abuse or Addiction Help?

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