Harms of Recreational Methadone Use

Harms of Recreational Methadone UseMethadone is a synthetic opioid used to help people addicted to opiates such as heroin get clean. In a licensed methadone clinic this drug can be highly effective at alleviating withdrawal symptoms and satisfying an addict’s need for opiates without the corresponding high. Recovering addicts are able to function well on a methadone program, as they gradually recover from the psychological effects of addiction. When used recreationally, methadone can be extremely dangerous.

Physical Risks of Methadone Abuse

Established opiate addicts will not feel a high when taking methadone, but non-addicts will feel a mild high if they take the drug. This high is powerful enough to create a physical craving for the drug. The body develops a tolerance for methadone quickly, and the user will require larger doses or more powerful opiates to satisfy their growing dependency. Methadone may be an introduction to narcotic addiction. Other recreational users will combine methadone with other drugs or with alcohol to intensify the effect. This type of abuse is especially dangerous for both addiction and overdose reasons.

Psychological Risks of Methadone Abuse

As with all opiates methadone creates both a physical and psychological addiction. It provides pleasurable feelings while also masking emotional or psychological distress. The brain will crave this relief on a deep level, and in a short amount of time methadone will not be strong enough to scratch the brain’s itch for opiates. Serious anxiety or other psychological pain will cause the addict to seek more powerful drugs such as codeine, morphine or heroin. While the physical symptoms of withdrawal are extremely unpleasant, it is this psychological power of opiates that is the hardest to overcome. Physical withdrawal from the drug usually runs its course in a matter of days, but psychological addiction will affect a person for months or even years.

How to Overcome Methadone Addiction

It will be difficult or even impossible to get clean without professional recovery help. The most effective treatment for methadone addiction involves a thorough diagnosis of the disease and any co-occurring or underlying psychological disorders that may have contributed to it. Therapists and physicians will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for each individual that address all aspects of the disease in an integrated and holistic way.

Get Help to End Recreational Methadone Use

If you are struggling with a methadone addiction, please call our toll-free helpline any time. We can answer of your questions and help you find the best treatment for your unique situation.