How Cost and Availability Influence Methadone Use

How Cost and Availability Influence Methadone UseThe prescription drug methadone is used to help some people overcome addiction, and is also widely abused. As illegal street drugs (like heroin) become increasingly difficult to obtain, prescription drugs like methadone and Suboxone often become sources of addiction and drug abuse.

Methadone can vary in price depending on where it is found, how pure it is, and what country it comes from. Unfortunately addicted persons often will go to any length to avoid withdrawals and feel the high they crave.

The True Cost of Methadone Addiction

Many people who struggle with an active methadone addiction fail to see or understand how devastating the cost of the addiction becomes to themselves and their families. Once a strong addiction takes hold, an addicted person will stop at almost nothing to obtain the temporary feeling that drug provides.

While many people believe that their substance abuse is under control, the truth may be obvious to everyone around the addicted person. Many addicted people know that the addiction is unhealthy and feel a great deal of shame and stress around their methadone abuse. The addicted person may rationalize the situation in many ways, including:

  • “I never use drugs around my kids.”
  • “I have never been homeless because of my drug use.”
  • “I have always been able to get out of trouble that my drug use caused.”
  • “My drug use only impacts me and no one else.”
  • “I never go out of my way to seek drugs.”

Unfortunately, these rationalizations are never true. If you abuse methadone, it is impossible to keep drug abuse from seeping into every aspect of your life. Even if your financial situation is under control now, it may not be in the very near future.

If you allow addiction to go untreated, you will find yourself swallowed further into the world of methadone or opiate abuse. The cost of addiction is much deeper than your wallet or your credit rating. Seek help before opiate addiction affects your freedom or your survival.

Find Methadone Addiction Help Now

We offer a toll-free helpline that will put you in touch with experienced addiction professionals. Our confidential helpline offers licensed support services, including:

  • Information on family addiction counseling and family rehab programs
  • Information on insurance coverage for addiction treatment
  • Information on intervention services and assistance finding a certified interventionist
  • Assistance to find a licensed rehab facility for a number of specialty areas
  • Assistance to find a safe detox program that offers medically-based detoxification plans

Call our 24-hour helpline today to learn more about your options. Methadone abuse doesn’t need to control your life.