How Dangerous Is Methadone Abuse?

How dangerous is Methadone abuse?Methadone is most commonly prescribed in opiate replacement therapy. While methadone treatment is helpful for short durations, it often leads to the addicted person trading one addiction for another. Methadone abuse and addiction can also be the result of misuse or recreational use.

The Hidden Cost of Methadone Dependence

Many users who enter into methadone treatment find that there is little or no counseling offered with most of these programs. Because of the lack of support, the underlying causes of addiction rarely get addressed, and recovering users don’t truly treat or understand the causes behind their drug use.

If you are using another drug, even a prescription drug, this drug may combine with the methadone and cause serious problems. For instance, if you combine many benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Klonopin and more) with methadone, the effects can cause you to have trouble breathing or cardiac arrest.

Don’t Depend on Methadone for Life

Are you dependent on methadone to get by on a daily basis? Did you know that methadone addiction can be more difficult to overcome than heroin addiction? If you have ever tried to overcome methadone use you may have found yourself experiencing strong withdrawal symptoms such as the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

Methadone withdrawal symptoms can last weeks longer than those of heroin withdrawal. Many people become hooked for life and never travel far from methadone. When you obtain illegal methadone, it is unregulated. It is often mixed with other substances and can lead to a dangerous cycle of addiction. Illegal methadone can be deadly.

There is a way to stop using methadone and all other drugs. A quality rehab program that offers an inpatient medically supervised detox can help you. With a medically supervised detox, you will have your own team of medical professionals to help you get past withdrawal in comfort. With new luxury rehab options, your rehab experience can feel more like a vacation than medical care. With a quality rehab program you will also receive counseling services, psychiatric solutions and more. Proven programs offer integrated treatment that will help you heal the emotions behind addiction and help you live the life you always wanted.

Help for Methadone Abuse

Are you ready to end methadone abuse? Let us help you with everything from seeking reputable, licensed treatment to finding licensed luxury treatment in beautiful surroundings. Ask us about Dual Diagnosis treatment and integrated treatment options that help you care for your emotional needs at the same time that you overcome addiction. Learn how to find treatment covered by your insurance. Don’t let methadone rule your life. Call us today.