How Has Methadone Addiction Touched Your Life?

How Has Methadone Addiction Touched Your Life?Methadone is a drug used to treat pain and also to help people who are addicted to opiates to detox from those drugs. Methadone clinics allow patients to receive a methadone dose on a daily basis while trying to manage opiate addiction. Although methadone can be helpful in the management of other addictions, it is also highly habit-forming. Methadone dependence can lead to addiction, continuing the cycle of drug dependence. Methadone addiction has far-reaching effects on the addicted person, his loved ones and on strangers the addict has never met. Methadone addiction, like other drug addictions, can have a lifelong impact on the people touched by this drug.

Methadone Addiction and Family Members

Since methadone is a drug used to treat drug addiction, family members are often blind to its effects in the beginning. The loved one struggling to get free from opiates may use methadone during the detox process. However, the drug used to help a struggling addict may cause a new addiction, and family members would be forced to watch the addiction cycle begin over again. Family members can lose trust in their loved one due to past promises about finding recovery. They can also be put in danger by being closely linked to the drug culture. Family members could also be touched by the death of a loved one due to methadone addiction and overdose.

Methadone Addiction and Friendships

Methadone addiction can also have a significant impact on friendships. Methadone users or those in methadone treatment programs for heroin addiction are typically in poor health due to the drug use. This can make friendships more difficult as the addict often needs increasing amounts of support from those around him to perform simple tasks. Relationships can also suffer as the addicted person may put friends in danger due to risky behaviors or contact with others in the drug culture. Methadone addiction can make normal relationships difficult.

Methadone Addiction and Strangers

People on methadone maintenance programs who are addicted to opiates often require a shot every 24 hours, which means that those who are taking methadone are under the influence of the drug at all times. Due to the influence of the drug, methadone users can put even complete strangers in danger. Driving, operating machinery or serving the public in any way while under the influence can make the methadone addict a danger to others.

Finding Help for Methadone Addiction

Methadone is a powerful drug used to treat pain or manage opiate addiction. People who become addicted to methadone may substitute one addiction for another and become a danger to themselves and others. If you or a loved one struggles with methadone addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about methadone addiction and treatment options. We are here to help. Please call now.