How Methadone Rehab Works

How Methadone rehab worksMethadone is a synthetic opioid often prescribed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms when recovering from addiction to other narcotics, such as heroin or morphine. It can reduce cravings and block euphoric highs associated with opioid use. It can be helpful since the addicts don’t have the extreme compulsive behaviors typically seen in opioid addicts. However, methadone can also be addictive in and of itself, and users may simply replace one addiction with another. If abused, methadone can cause serious complications and side effects. In order to recover from methadone addiction it is crucial to seek professional treatment. Rehab works by treating not only the addiction but the whole person in order to enable the individual to enjoy a lifetime of drug-free living.

The First Step in Methadone Rehabilitation Is Getting Clean

Methadone rehab usually begins by creating a plan of detox with the help of medical professionals. Typically a method of tapering the drug dosage is used. This means that the dose is gradually lessened until drug use is stopped completely. This can significantly reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with physical dependence. It is not recommended to stop methadone use suddenly as it can be dangerous. If the detox process is as comfortable as possible and supervised by medical professionals it is more likely to be successful.

What Methadone Rehabilitation Involves

It is crucial that detox not be the only treatment a person receives. Effective rehab works by addressing all aspects of a person’s life that might be contributing to the addiction, such as relationship problems or unhealthy thought patterns. It will likely include counseling and therapy in order to uncover problematic root issues and behaviors, while also creating strategies for dealing with life’s struggles without turning to methadone use. A treatment plan might include Cognitive Behavioral therapy in order to change a person’s way of thinking regardless of his or her situation or Behavioral Modification Therapy to understand the negative behaviors and their effects. An integrated treatment plan, known as Dual Diagnosis, might be needed if the person has both the addiction and a co-occurring mental disorder such as depression or bi-polar disorder. Both issues will need to be treated simultaneously in order for the person to make a full and lasting recovery.

Rehab works best when it aims to treat the whole person in an individualized manner. It should seek to provide the person with the skills needed to remain clean for life. It might involve therapy programs such as equine therapy or meditation, or training in the arts or recreational activities. It should seek to promote healthy relationships and provide opportunities for support group attendance and family or group therapy. Because of the support it provides, methadone rehab can work effectively. It is almost impossible to recover from drug addiction without professional support, so get treatment and see how methadone rehab can work for you.

Do You Need Methadone Rehabilitation Help?

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