How Methadone Use Can Affect Emotional Health

How Methadone Use Can Affect Emotional HealthMethadone use carries risks and side effects that can negatively impact lives in many ways. Methadone has very similar side effects to that of heroin and morphine, but less severe. The intent behind the use of methadone is to help wean heroin and morphine users off the drug without producing serious withdrawals. Similar to that of Suboxone, methadone can be just as dangerous as a stronger opioid, specifically in terms of emotional health. It can contribute to or cause the following:

  • Increased anxiety: As methadone works by stopping certain receptors in the brain from working properly, it can mix up the chemistry of the brain, causing a chain reaction to other functions, such as anxiety management.
  • Psychological dependence: The user feels that without the methadone, he will not be able to function. This is common with opiates addiction.
  • Changes in mood: As methadone begins to settle in the brain and body, and as use continues to occur, changes in mood are very prevalent. With the presence of this substance, the brain and its chemistry is completely thrown off, making it difficult for the brain to stay under control. Inhibitions are also lowered when methadone is used, making a user feel susceptible to quick emotional reactions.
  • Depression: Methadone takes the place of the natural production of endorphins in the brain, meaning the user must take this drug to achieve normal feelings of happiness and accomplishment. When the drug is not available to be taken, a person can slip into a severe depression.

Methadone use is only recommended under the discretion of a doctor and medical supervision. Choosing to take methadone for the wrong reasons can produce these kinds of emotional affects, greatly decreasing the user’s quality of life.

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