How to Have an ARISE Model Intervention for a Methadone Addict

How to Have an ARISE Model Intervention for a Methadone AddictMethadone is one of the most dangerous substances in the world, primarily because it is highly addictive and has potential to cause serious and possibly life-threatening side effects. Therefore, those who know a methadone addict often attempt to get their loved one into treatment before they receive the phone call they are dreading. While there are a number of different intervention approaches when it comes to attempting to get a methadone addict into treatment, the ARISE model intervention is often one of the most successful.

How the ARISE Model Intervention Works

The ARISE model intervention is divided up into three different phases: phases A, B, and C. Each phase is designed specifically to help end the negative and destructive cycle of methadone addiction.

Phase A focuses on getting the methadone addict to accept treatment. This phase has the following three different levels that help achieve this goal:

  • Level 1: Level 1, “the first call,” is when a friend or family member of the addicted loved one reaches out to an ARISE interventionist for help. The interventionist then helps the caller set up intervention meetings.
  • Level 2: Level 2, “strength in numbers,” occurs when the methadone addict refuses treatment in Level 1. Level 2 encourages more intervention meetings to accomplish this goal.
  • Level 3: Level 3, “the formal ARISE intervention,” happens when a methadone addict still refuses treatment after Level 2. Intervention meetings then focus on providing the addict with serious boundaries and consequences if he or she refuses treatment again.

Phase B is entitled “support your loved one through ARISE treatment and into recovery” and is primarily focused on helping both the family and the addicted individual cope with the methadone addiction at hand by attending 12-step meetings after the individual has been in treatment for at least six months.

Phase C, “living in recovery,” is a team effort consisting of the ARISE interventionist, the intervention network, and the recovering methadone addict. The focus of this phase is to help encourage and establish relapse prevention. In addition, this phase works to address issues with friends and family of the methadone addict to help improve broken relationships.

Each phase of the ARISE model intervention is designed solely with the goal to get a methadone addict into treatment and then assist him or her in maintaining sobriety.

When Is the ARISE Model Intervention Appropriate?

This specific form of intervention is appropriate when your addicted loved one is losing the battle with his or her methadone addiction. When his or her addiction goes too far and causes job loss, emotional unrest, increased violent behavior, or repeated overdoses, it is critical to reach out for help in conducting an appropriate intervention. Through the help of the ARISE model intervention, you can motivate your addicted loved one to get the treatment he or she needs to end methadone addiction once and for all.

Do You Need Treatment for Methadone Addiction?

If you need treatment for a methadone addiction or you are interested in learning more about the ARISE model intervention, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. Do not let methadone addiction control your life for one more day. Call us now to take the power back.