How to Party without Methadone

How to Party without MethadoneMethadone isn’t known to produce the intense and euphoric high that heroin does, but that doesn’t stop people from abusing this powerful painkiller. While methadone is used to help some people overcome opiate addiction, it can also be abused in order to obtain a more mild or mellow high.

Prescription drugs that were once hard to find are now increasingly easy to obtain, and they can be difficult to avoid in social situations. If you have struggled with opiate abuse in the past, you may be concerned about methadone at parties.

Avoiding Drugs

It can be socially awkward to “just say no” when your friends have established a drug using culture. Sometimes people who are addicted to drugs or dependent on drugs to relax and have fun become offended by others who do not also engage in drug use. It can be difficult when you have made a serious life change and others around you have not.

Consider the following when trying to avoid drug use:

  • Evaluate your friend group. If friends pressure you to use or openly use in front of you when they know you are now clean and sober, they may not be the type of friends you want to keep. It sounds harsh, but the reality is that you must protect your own health and wellbeing first. Sometimes that means missing out on events or changing friend groups.
  • Be blunt and honest. Avoid pressure by being upfront about your sobriety. With humor and honesty, you can make your plan known. You have a right to assert yourself.
  • Dodge the issue. Go to another room in a house party or talk to other people. Consider telling your social circle that you must take a drug test for work. There are a number of “white lies” that can help you avoid temptation.
  • Keep a sober friend. For your own comfort and wellbeing, keep a sober friend. A sponsor or someone to partner with you during events to help you stay sober can be both fun and rewarding.

Having a plan will help you avoid temptation in the moment.

Keeping Your Sobriety First

Entering rehab is a great way to get sober. By working with an experienced addiction counselor, you can overcome dependency and temptations to use drugs such as methadone. Addiction is a complicated illness, and it takes time to treat and overcome methadone addiction.

If addiction has impacted your life, a quality rehab program can help you identify the causes behind addiction and stay sober for good. With the right support system in place, you can still have fun without methadone or any other opiate.

A key part of staying sober is finding new hobbies and interests. A good treatment plan will help you find those new hobbies and develop the skills necessary to stay sober.

Methadone Rehab Programs

Consider a rehab program that will create a specialty treatment plan designed around your needs. If opiate addiction has impacted you or your family, we can help. We partner with a network of rehab facilities and counselors across the U.S. to help each caller find a solution that works for his or her life. Call our toll-free, 24 hour number today to find out more.