Individualized Treatment Planning for Methadone Addiction Recovery

Individualized Treatment Planning for Methadone Addiction RecoveryMethadone is an interesting and controversial drug. It is an opioid that is primarily used to help people recover from narcotic addictions. There are some groups of people that disapprove of the use of one drug to replace another for addiction recovery. Truth be told, there are times when this type of process has led to one addiction turning into another. But as methadone advocates are quick to point out, the substance works differently than other addictive opiates in a user’s system.

The medication does have some adverse reactions, such as the full scale of serious withdrawal side effects. This includes respiratory problems, constipation, nausea, and vertigo. Methadone treatment centers also have the highest rate of death at the beginning of the recovery process.

But with that said, methadone programs are still often successful and recommended for many addicts. It can assist in bringing about sobriety to a person caught in the web of substance abuse. The most important element with this and any addiction recovery program is for the process to be tailored for the specific patient.

Individualized Treatment Planning

When methadone treatment is the chosen recovery program, individualized treatment is highly important.  Individualized treatment describes a customized regimen that speaks to a patient’s individual needs. Every person is different, so each person needs a different type and volume of counseling sessions, group therapy, and sometimes drug-assistance with medication like methadone.

In spite of the risks discussed above, methadone can aid in easing the pain of withdrawal symptoms from narcotic drugs like heroin. In addition, it can also assist in reducing the intensity of cravings. There are many benefits for using the drug in recovery. Its track record is impressive, with more than 60 years of use and effectiveness proven in the United States. The effect of the drug also last for about 24 to 36 hours, which means that a single daily dose is all that is typically necessary.

The severity of the addiction directly relates to how long the drug would be prescribed. Some people use it for as little as weeks and others for their entire life. This variation of prescription length is one of the primary concerns of those who disapprove of its use.

But, like other aspects of addiction recovery, an individualized program speaks to concerns, such as whether or not methadone is necessary. Consultation with a professional can help determine this and other treatment decisions.

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