Insomnia and Methadone Abuse

Insomnia and Methadone AbuseMethadone abuse has become a growing problem across the country as the drug has fallen into the hands of dealers and those with preexisting addiction problems. This opioid, even though it is weaker than others, is still capable of causing serious mental health issues, such as insomnia. Through the misuse of methadone, users can begin to have sleep problems, which can lead to even more negative side effects.

How Methadone Causes Insomnia

The brain waves that travel during sleep are one of the main targets for methadone. As the brain chemistry is changed through the use of methadone, the brain waves that occur during sleep cannot function at the proper level, causing the user to lose the ability to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Dangers of Insomnia Caused by Methadone Use

Lack of sleep caused by methadone use can cause a user to begin to exude symptoms related to other disorders. For instance, a lack of attention and focus paired with hyperactive behavior can solicit a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. Also, extreme highs and extreme lows caused by no sleep can quickly be classified as psychosis.

If the body goes with little to no sleep, it can begin to experience pains and exhaustion unlike ever before. When a methadone user continues to use the drug and experience insomnia, he or she may experience muscle pains. The user may try to relieve some of the pain by using more methadone, thereby exacerbating the problem.

When one suffers from insomnia, one’s cognitive skills can quickly become clouded and labored since the brain has not had a chance to shut down and relax through prolonged sleep. As these skills get worse, individuals can quickly lose track of their judgment and reasoning, leading to poor decisions and dangerous mistakes.

Methadone use will not only yield severe insomnia, but also other health problems, such as respiratory depression, depression, anxiety and muscle spasms. The only way to prevent insomnia and other side effects from methadone use is to only take it as prescribed under the proper care of a physician.

Methadone Addiction Help

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