Is Methadone Addiction a Disease?

Is Methadone addiction a disease?When a drug addict can no longer function without a drug, the addiction becomes a disease. Methadone addiction usually begins with addicts of harder drugs taking it to treat their addictions. Methadone is used in place of heroine to wean the body off of the need for the drug, but at the same time, if there is an underlying mental illness or mood disorder, addiction to methadone can result.

How Methadone Addiction Develops

Methadone addiction, like other drug addictions, develops over time. In the beginning, methadone is seen as the path to freedom from drug abuse, but soon the abuser can become dependent on methadone. When this happens, the disease of addiction takes over, and the drug abuser can no longer function normally without the methadone. If you or someone you love uses methadone, the following are things to look for if you suspect an addiction:

  • Lying to doctors and medical personnel about symptoms in order to receive a prescription
  • Continuing to use the original drug of choice while taking methadone
  • Combining methadone with other substances like alcohol
  • Taking more than the prescribed dose of methadone

If you are struggling with the disease of methadone addiction and one or more of these symptoms is present, it is time to get help.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone addiction treatment begins with medically supervised detox. Detox is necessary before drug rehab because the body has become dependent on the methadone. Detox allows the body to get rid of the drug in a safe environment where withdrawal symptoms can be monitored and treated. Once detox is over, you or your loved one’s medical team will begin the process of dealing with the causes of the disease. This includes looking for underlying mental illnesses or mood disorders that may be contributing to or causing the problem. Through counseling, medication and psychotherapy, trained therapists can help you get to the bottom of your methadone disease.

Once the rehab process is over, continued support therapy will help you or your loved one stay clean from methadone. Because drug addiction is a disease, there is always a danger of relapse. With the right support groups and an intervention plan, dealing with your disease and staying clean from methadone will be easier.

Help Breaking Methadone Addiction

If you need help finding the right methadone addiction treatment program for you, we are here to help. Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline now to find the best treatment option for you. Recovery is possible, so call today.