Is There Such a Thing as Controlled Methadone Use?

Is There Such a Thing as Controlled Methadone Use?Many people use methadone to get over a drug addiction. However, because it is also addictive, it is a highly controversial choice for treatment. But in many people the drug proves highly effective and fosters a sense of wellbeing in patients. It works by alleviating withdrawal symptoms, which can make it easier to resist a substance like heroin, morphine or alcohol.

Essentially, when asking if there is such a thing as controlled methadone use, the answer is yes, but the answer comes with an addendum. While it is a safe drug to use when taken properly, patients must follow the prescription exactly, and a medical professional should be on guard at all times to make sure that medication’s use remains controlled. Therefore, there is such a thing as controlled methadone use, but patients should be aware of the signs of addiction. In this way, the first sign that a patient is developing an addiction, they can deal with the problem readily.

Signs of Methadone Addiction

Some of the signs of a methadone addiction include the following issues:

  • Taking more than the recommended dosage, or taking methadone at more frequent intervals. Both of these effects deal with a patient building tolerance to the drug.
  • Lying to a doctor about their symptoms to receive a higher dosage prescription
  • Going to multiple doctors to receive the same prescription
  • Using online pharmacies to obtain more of the drug. Online pharmacies are notorious for low-security when ordering medication.
  • Mixing methadone with drugs or alcohol

If any of these signs develop in a methadone user, he should deal with this issue promptly. When people do not confront their methadone abuse, several long-term problems can occur. Some of those issues are as follows:

  • Constipation
  • Sweating
  • Skin rash
  • Water retention
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Pregnant mothers can pass the addiction to their children

Even more serious long-term problems can occur with Methadone abuse, including these issues:

  • Disturbing drops in body temperature, heart-rate, blood pressure and respiration
  • Depression
  • Death

Clearly people should not trifle with methadone use, and they should only use it with the assistance of a medical professional. When a person thinks she can handle a drug without supervision, any of the above side effects can develop. Prescription drugs in any form should only be used with the help and supervision of a doctor, and using them in any other form should be considered risky.

Methadone Addiction Help

If you think someone you love is addicted to methadone, we can help. Call our toll-free helpline where our phone counselors are standing by 24 hours a day.