Methadone Abuse Centers

Methadone abuse treatmentSuccessful treatment programs at methadone addiction centers focus on helping an individual deal with all aspects of an addiction. Medical professionals provide assistance during the stressful process of detox, and many services are offered to restore an individual to a life free from narcotics. Ideally, methadone addicts should enter a residential treatment program for opioid dependency. They should be provided with a structured program of recovery that will give them the supervision and support needed to develop and maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

A well-rounded treatment program may implement frequent workshops, lectures, 12-Step meetings, and therapy sessions, as well as enjoyable outdoors activities that are physically challenging and build self-esteem.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive treatment for methadone abuse helps addicts examine the reasons behind their drug abuse while also teaching them new ways to respond to the world without drugs. The following are the best-utilized approaches to dealing with methadone abuse:

  • Behavior modification—learning to find alternative means of relaxation and activities other than drug abuse. Requires the person to decide that he or she wants to stop abusing methadone and see it as a danger rather than an escape. This type of treatment can be done locally, or through therapeutic addiction centers.
  • Counseling—can help to identify the root issues behind drug use, which may typically be self-medication for depression. After quitting methadone, addicts may experience depression again, but counseling can be very helpful to them in the process of overcoming it. In addition to this, they will learn how to live life without methadone.

Methadone Addiction Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to methadone, please call the our toll free number at 1 (888) 838-8386. Someone is available 24 hours a day to give you information about treatment options.