Methadone Detox Costs

Methadone detox programs can vary in cost. Prices may depend on the services offered, the length of detox services needed, and which particular treatment program is chosen. All of these elements can also be determined by the severity of the addiction. Treatment will need to be intensified if the addiction has been long and a heavy dependence has developed. In those cases, inpatient treatment may be the best option.

Inpatient Treatment and Transitional Living Costs

Health insurance companies may only cover one to two weeks of a program and then may require the patient to transfer to an outpatient program. Based upon a five week primary residential program followed by ninety days of transitional living, the average out-of-pocket expenses for most patients (using their health insurance as a supplement) is approximately $12,875. The average length of stay at an inpatient facility for detox is five days. The cost for days one and two can run at roughly $900, then $800 for day three and on. For inpatient rehab, where the average stay is thirty days, the costs can start at $900 for the days one and two and $700 for day three and on. Transitional living for the first ninety days can be approximately $24, 200 and $7,500 per month thereafter.

Methadone Addiction Help

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to methadone, please call the toll free number at the top of your screen. Someone is available 24 hours a day to speak with you about treatment options. We are here to help.