Methadone Luxury Rehab

Methadone luxury rehabMethadone is a synthetic opiate often prescribed to treat addiction to drugs such as heroin and morphine. It can also be prescribed to treat chronic pain. Even though it is a much weaker opiate, the potential for dependency and addiction exists. If addicted to methadone, a person must first undergo physical detox. Once detox is completed, there are different types of rehab programs available to a person. Luxury rehab offers the highest quality treatment methods available.

Advantages of Methadone Luxury Rehabilitation

Methadone luxury rehab centers are different from other rehab centers because they can offer a higher level of care and treatment. Experienced staff and top-level amenities are available at luxury rehab centers. Luxury rehab centers also offer the option for a recovering addict to stay in treatment longer than through standard rehab. This benefits the patient, because the longer a recovering addict stays in treatment, the higher the likelihood of staying sober once exiting treatment. Luxury rehab centers focus on treating the mind, body and spirit by using some of the most advanced treatment methods available today.

Methadone Luxury Rehabilitation and Holistic Care

Holistic treatment methods are often employed to treat withdrawal symptoms in the place of medication. To alleviate methadone withdrawal symptoms, luxury rehab centers offer spa-like relaxation services such as the following:

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Saunas

Physical wellbeing is another major aspect of methadone luxury rehab. Nutrition plans and fitness programs are developed on an individual basis. The idea is to teach a person to only put healthy foods into the body and to encourage an addict to take the best possible care of his or her body. If successful, this will lead to development of other healthy habits that will contribute to prolonged sobriety.

Spiritual treatment is often a focus at luxury rehab centers. Meditation and yoga have proven to be useful tools in overcoming methadone addiction. These practices are used as a tool to help an addict address the “treatment of the spirit.” Some methadone addicts have reported using the drug in order to fill a void in their lives. Meditation is a practice that helps a person clear the mind and get in touch with their inner spirituality. Patients are exposed to different schools of spiritual thought and are encouraged to explore which ideals are most identifiable to their own as individuals. Meditation can help a person discover a new sense of purpose and self-worth, which are both invaluable tools in overcoming methadone addiction.

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