Methadone Rehab: Myths vs. Facts

Methadone is an opioid commonly used in treating addiction to stronger opiates such as heroin or oxycodone. The intended use of methadone is to gradually wean an addict off of the drug until that person is completely drug-free. If used correctly, methadone effectively blocks opiate receptors in the brain so that the drug does not produce a high or lead to the development of physical dependency. However, because methadone is an opiate, the potential for abuse and dependency still exist. It is not uncommon for opiate addicts being treated with methadone to swap one addiction for another. Methadone addiction rehab is the only way to recover from methadone rehab. There are many common misconceptions about the rehab process. Regardless of whatever myths about methadone rehab exist, it is a proven method that saves lives.

Myth: Methadone Rehabilitation Is Not Affordable.

Cost is a major concern for many considering methadone rehab. The idea that an average person cannot afford rehab is entirely false. In fact, nearly all private healthcare providers offer some form of addiction treatment coverage. Even those without health insurance have available resources to help pay for rehab. Many rehab facilities will work with people on reducing overall cost or setting up payment plans. Applications for government loans and grants are also available to uninsured persons who wish to receive addiction treatment.

Myth: A Methadone Addict Can Quit without Rehabilitation and Help.

Some methadone users believe that rehab is not necessary to overcome methadone addiction. No matter how strong an individual’s will power may be, trying to quit methadone without help will certainly end in failure. The treatment methods used in methadone rehab are consistently proven to work. Ceasing to take methadone is but the first step in overcoming addiction. Rehab treats not only the physical side of addiction, but also the emotional and psychological issues associated with methadone addiction. Rehab equips a person with the tools needed to avoid future relapse, and is exponentially more effective than trying to quit on one’s own.

Myth: All Methadone Rehabilitation Centers Use the Same Methods of Treatment.

The thought that all methadone rehab centers use the same treatment methods could not be more false. Rehab centers are well equipped to deal with addicts on an individual basis. From detox to counseling and therapy, the needs of each individual are assessed and catered to. Different types of treatments can range from psychiatric therapy to acupuncture and even equine therapy. In methadone rehab, treatment programs are uniquely designed to each individual.

Get Help Finding Methadone Rehabilitation Centers

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