Methadone Rehab Options

While many patients choose to struggle with their addictions alone, several rehab options from detox to aftercare offer effective assistance to many patients. Enduring the painful process without help tends to lead to relapse, but patients bolstered by rehab treatment tend quit much more successfully. If you are addicted to methadone and are looking for help, you can find it in many different forms.

Methadone Detoxification Programs

Detox typically produces painful withdrawal symptoms, but withdrawal intensifies depending on the drug. Methadone, being a powerful opiate, conjures agonizing withdrawal symptoms that debilitate and demoralize many patients who attempt detox alone. Fortunately, you have several options available to you to aid you during this difficult time.

Notifying your doctor and/or pharmacist before you begin detox can safeguard against relapse in two ways. First, one of these professionals can prescribe a weaker drug in diminishing doses in order to wean you off your addiction. This will not only help you stop abusing methadone, but it will also mitigate your withdrawal symptoms, freeing you to continue functioning in everyday life rather than enduring torturous conditions. Secondly, these professionals can steer you toward the best over-the-counter medications to take, as the effects of some medications reverse when taken to fight withdrawal. They may further advise you regarding your past medical history, other prescriptions, etc., making this option a must.

However, notifying your doctor and/or pharmacist does not guarantee a successful detox. Many patients doctor shop to continue receiving different medications, thereby trading one addiction for another. Furthermore, this still exposes you to endure detox alone, which increases your chances for relapse. Only attempt this if you have a strong support-base at home. If not, medically-supervised detox can remedy that. By admitting yourself into a medical facility for detox, you will effectively sever your connection to drugs, and have the luxury of a trained staff 24 hours a day. They may prescribe medications to taper you off your addiction, but the dosage will be out of your control, thereby ensuring detox. This option can be pricey and does require extended absence from work, but it effectively breaks addictions for many patients.

Methadone Rehabilitation Options

Treatment does not end at detox, however. The patients who stay sober the longest after detox are those who continue treating through various forms of rehab. Detox requires enough effort the first time, so take action to also make your first time your last.

Many counseling and therapy options focus solely on drug rehab. Understanding that addiction is both physical and psychological, counseling and therapy sessions seek to have patients confront the root causes of their addictions, learning what factors contributed to this struggle. Be it domestic, work, money, or depression problems, counseling and therapy helps patients deal with the inherent emotions, enabling them to recognize and avoid situations in the future that could potentially encourage relapse. Doing this can help keep you sober for a long time.

Getting involved in a community or support group further boosts your chances against relapse. Monopolizing your time with positive activities, especially causes that you believe in, helps re-establish your identity apart from drugs, helping to reintegrate you back into a sober lifestyle. It also prevents excessive leisure time, wherein some recovering addicts get bored and relapse in order to break up monotony. Getting involved in some organization strengthens resolve and steels people against repeating their past.

Find Treatment Centers for Methadone Addictio

If you or a loved one struggles with a methadone addiction, call us for help. Take action against your addiction by calling our toll-free helpline that is operated 24 hours a day. We want to help you reclaim your life, so call us today.