Methadone Tolerance and Abuse

Methadone Tolerance and AbuseMethadone is a prescription drug commonly used to help opiate addicts with detox. While methadone can be addictive in itself, the likelihood of addiction is drastically lowered under the supervision of a doctor. It is unwise to self-medicate your opiate addiction, as this may lead to further addiction.

What Is Methadone Tolerance?

Tolerance happens when your body gets used to a certain amount of a drug and stops responding to it. Many times when this happens people take more of the drug to create the desired effect. This may seem to work in the beginning, but it can be dangerous because it’s only a matter of time until your body becomes used to the increased amount, so you’ll have to increase your dosage again and again. This can lead to overdose which may be fatal. Also, if your methadone usage follows an addiction to opiates, be aware that any tolerance you may have towards opiates can be transferred over to methadone. Medical professionals can help you deal with that tolerance which is one reason why your methadone usage should always be closely supervised.

Methadone Abuse Treatment

If you are taking methadone at home, you may find yourself abusing methadone by asking doctors for more before you need it, or you may jump around to different pharmacies to acquire large amounts of methadone. Methadone abuse can be extremely dangerous and professional help should always be sought immediately once a problem is found out. Rehab centers can offer some of the best treatment for methadone abuse and addiction available. Rehab centers offer professional medical help 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you get through detox safely and successfully. They also offer therapy and counseling sessions to help you work through any psychological issues that might be fueling your addiction or may have come out due to your addiction. These sessions can be the key to maintaining your recovery long-term.

Methadone Addiction Help

If you or someone you love is struggling with methadone abuse and tolerance, the time to seek professional help is now. Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day with abuse and addiction counselors ready to help answer all of your questions right now. They can help you find the right treatment center for your specific needs and can even help you find out if your insurance coverage can help pay for the cost of treatment. Don’t wait another minute to start your recovery and answer your questions; call us now.