Methadone Use in Different Cultures

Methadone Use in Different CulturesAccording to the World Health Organization, more that 16 million people globally are illegally using opioids, including methadone. Methadone use is not just happening in the United States, but also in Afghanistan, parts of India and Asia, Iran and along the east coast of Africa. In many of these places, facilities and treatment options are not as available as they are in the United States, but even so, only 50% of people who battle opioid addiction seek treatment. In many of these countries, methadone is not just used illegally, but also to help treat other addictions.

Methadone Use in Different Places

Methadone and other opioids are used all across the globe. The following are some examples of methadone use in different places around the world:

  • Asia has always been associated with opiate use. Starting in 2008, Vietnam began allowing methadone to be used to help treat opiate addictions, just like the United States does. This came as a surprise as Vietnam is notorious for its severe punishment of drug trafficking and misuse.
  • In 2011, Afghanistan opened its very first methadone clinic in an attempt to get control over the spread of HIV in the country. As intravenous drug use has quickly developed throughout Afghanistan, officials are concerned about the deadly disease getting worse. In an attempt to stop intravenous opiate use, officials opened this clinic to help wean users off opiates, as well as prevent them from using and sharing needles.
  • Tanzania is highly regarded as one country that is experiencing a major jump in methadone and opiate use among its citizens. As Tanzania trades opiates with other African countries, European countries and Afghanistan, a strong flow of the drug has developed in Tanzania. Similar to Afghanistan, Tanzania has initiated a methadone clinic where Tanzanians can seek treatment in order to prevent the spread of HIV.
  • Methadone use in the United States and the treatment that comes with it is much different than use and treatment in other countries struggling with this problem. Methadone is not available in clinics, but is instead prescribed by medical professionals and encouraged in treatment.

The ways in which methadone is handled in other places sheds light on the progress of each individual country as these countries work towards eliminating methadone use in their streets.

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