Methadone Use on College Campuses

Methadone Use on College CampusesMethadone is an opiate that binds with opioid receptors in the brain, and its effects take a long time to fade. These characteristics make it useful for recovering addicts to quit using more dangerous opiates, but they also make the drug addictive and dangerous. Use of this drug on college campuses is a serious problem, so seek professional help as soon as possible to help yourself or a friend recover.

Risk Factors for College Methadone Use

It is difficult to know why people abuse drugs, and generalizing about college students can be misleading. However, many issues commonly appear among people who abuse Methadone, and these shared issues are called risk factors. College students are likely to exhibit many of these risk factors for Methadone use. First, the optimism of young people can be a risk factor. The risks of Methadone use do not feel like real possibilities, so they assume they are safe despite such a dangerous habit. Secondly, prior drug use is also a problem for many college drug users. Someone who previously established a pattern of drug use has already predisposed herself to using another drug such as Methadone.

Helping A College Student Who Uses Methadone

College is a time of exerting independence, but students who abuse Methadone need help from their friends and family to recover. To get a college student off of Methadone, consider the following tips:

  • Connect with other people in the user’s life – Family and old friends often live away from a student’s college campus, but if concerned college friends connect with these people, then both groups can work together to coordinate their efforts
  • Learn about campus resources– Many colleges have programs that help students fight drug abuse. You may be able to connect with professional assistance before someone commits to treatment.
  • Plan an intervention – Before an addict agrees to get help, you will probably have to convince her of her need for treatment. Promoting treatment and outlining consequences for continued use is called an intervention, but work with an addiction specialist to prepare for this step.

These small steps can all increase the chances for overcoming Methadone abuse.

Treatment Options for College Methadone Addicts

Recovering from Methadone abuse is a challenge for people of every age group and occupation, but college students have the following factors working in their favor:

  • Shorter period of use – The habits of Methadone abuse may be easier to break than an older person’s habits who has a long history of drug abuse
  • Good health – Methadone and other opiates take a toll on health over time, but the youth of students help them withstand the damage of Methadone abuse and helps them cope with withdrawal symptoms
  • Insurance options – College students are more likely to have insurance coverage for a variety of treatment programs, because many of them are eligible to be covered under their parents’ insurance plans

These advantages may seem small, but every advantage is important when struggling against Methadone addiction.

Help for College Methadone Addicts

If you or a college student struggles with Methadone addiction, then call our 24 hour helpline to learn more about treatment. The call is toll free and confidential, so there is no need to wait.