Misconceptions about Interventions for Methadone Users

Misconceptions about Interventions for Methadone UsersMethadone interventions can succeed and lead your loved one into recovery, but this may be more difficult than you expect. This may be in part due to confusion about how effective interventions are, as well as how to hold one of these important meetings. Misconceptions about methadone interventions are usually a result of its portrayal in the media, but they also stem from myths that are spread by word of mouth. In order to decide if a methadone intervention is right for your loved one, you must sort through the misconceptions surrounding methadone interventions to find the truth. An intervention can greatly help your loved one if implemented properly, and it may be exactly what she needs to heal from addiction. Get help today to learn about how this resource can help you.

Do Methadone Interventions Drive Users Away?

Methadone interventions are sensitive events, but you should not expect to drive your loved one away by staging one of these difficult meetings. Some methadone users will react negatively to an intervention, but this reaction is usually temporary and will pass in the coming days and weeks. In fact, many users who react negatively to an intervention return to the people who held the confrontation to say they are then ready to attend treatment. A user’s initial reaction to an intervention may be fueled by emotion, but when that wears off he may be prepared to begin addiction treatment.

Do Methadone Interventions Really Work?

Some people believe that methadone interventions are ineffective ways to encourage users into treatment. However, these meetings have been successful in even the most severe cases of methadone addiction. A successful intervention reminds the user that her loved ones care about her, and that addiction treatment will make her life better. While a successful intervention does not guarantee that a user will attend treatment, it increases the chances that she will do so. In short, interventions can work, especially if they are implemented well.

Help Finding Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone addiction treatment can help you treat your addiction, even if you are not sure that you are capable of healing. No matter what stage of addiction you are in, you can begin healing by enrolling in a professional rehab program. If you call our toll-free helpline, our addiction experts will answer your questions about methadone addiction and help you locate the best treatment for your specific needs. We are here for you 24 hours a day, so call now and learn more about addiction treatment.