Negative Life Events and Methadone Addiction

Negative Life Events and Methadone AddictionEvery experience shapes the way people look at the world and new experiences. The concern for many people comes when negative experiences go unresolved or linger, because they may seek negative ways to cope. Self-medicating this pain with methadone abuse can lead to addiction, particularly if you have unresolved past trauma or struggle with intense levels of stress and anxiety. Methadone abuse can cause considerable destruction, and without resolving your past concerns you’ll find it much more challenging to recover.

How Negative Experiences Encourage Methadone Addiction

It is challenging to leave the past where it belongs – behind us. Without resolving negative experiences that have shaped who you are, then they will affect every decision you face for weeks, months, years or even decades. These past problems can develop into flashbacks or an inability to cope with life’s challenges. You may find yourself addicted to methadone in an effort to self-medicate stress, anxiety and the flashbacks that can be downright terrifying.

For instance, consider those who have survived sexual assault. The ability to trust others may be shattered and lead to high levels of anxiety and depression. The connection between trauma and addiction is clear in this situation, and it can be easy to see how methadone addiction may follow. Memories of the assault may be as fresh today as they were twenty years ago, which can be another connection between anxiety, stress and addiction. Also, the loss of a loved one or the inability to cope with it can also lead to methadone abuse. However, by working with a counselor you can learn to recognize the connection between loss and addiction, as well as how to recover from both problems.

Treatment for Negative Life Events and Methadone Addiction

Your past experiences not only shape you into the person you are, but they can also impact your mental health. If you were already stressed, depressed or struggling, then you certainly won’t be doing yourself any favors by ignoring the past problems that plague you. Trauma can directly damage your mental health, as PTSD develops as a result of trauma; people with this condition may not have had an existing mental health concern, but they need to treat it and the underlying issues to recover. While you may find yourself addicted to methadone for a number of reasons, the connection between negative experiences, trauma and addiction cannot be ignored if you want to break free from the past.

Rehab for Methadone Addiction and Trauma

Learn healthy coping methods to break methadone abuse and also to address the issues that caused it. In a methadone detox program, you will learn how to let go of the trauma, stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns that are responsible for your addiction. Verify your insurance coverage for addiction treatment by calling our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Learn more about different recovery centers that will best meet your recovery needs.