People Who Can Help You Recover from Methadone Addiction

People who can help you recover from Methadone addictionIf you have never been through drug recovery before then it might be hard to comprehend what it is about and who all is involved. Determining who all is going to be involved in this process is really up to the addict. There are people like doctors and counselors who have to be a part of the recovery process, but you have the option to include friends, family, pastors, or anyone that you feel the need to help. Some of the people who can help you recover from methadone addiction include the following:

  • Counselors. Counselors are key is recovering from methadone addiction. They are there from the beginning and will walk with you through the entire process. Counselors are there to encourage you to take the first step towards rehab and will help you dig deep into the root issues of the addiction itself. They are there to listen as well as give you advice that will help you get clean and stay clean for the rest of your life.
  • Medical professionals. During detox, medical professionals are those that you rely on for comfort. Their goal is to help you get through methadone withdrawal with as little pain and discomfort as possible. They will also monitor your health and are there for your own safety. Methadone withdrawal can potentially be dangerous with medical professionals.
  • Family. You are encouraged to talk to your family and have them be involved in the recovery process. There is already trust that has been built between you and your family members. They are some of the best people to be included because of the comfort you have with them. They can drive with you to the rehab center, be a part of counseling, be a comfort during detox, and help with ongoing accountability. Having family be a part of rehab statistically has better results for the recovering addict than those who don’t. This could be a spouse, sibling, or even close friend.

Who Can Help Me Begin Methadone Addiction Recovery?

There are several people who you can first talk to about your addiction. Talking to family about your addiction is a good step because it gets the burden of your addiction off your back and onto your family. Now that they know, they will do what they can to help you get clean.

Calling a rehab center may also be a key first step to recovery. Counselors will listen to your concerns and can encourage you to do the right thing for you. Often times, counselors are the key people who caused addicts to take that important step into rehab. Even if you are having trouble talking to your own family, talking to a counselor might be just the thing you need to get into rehab.

Are You Struggling with Methadone Addiction?

If you or a loved one is struggling with methadone addiction then don’t wait any longer. We are here to help you. Pick up the phone and call one of our counselors standing by 24 hours a day. All calls are toll-free and 100% confidential. We do understand what you are going through and want to see you get better before it is too late. You have the opportunity to live a drug-free life. We are here to help you every step of the way and will even help you determine how much your insurance will cover during rehab. Don’t do this alone. Call us today.