Secret Methadone Addiction

Secret Methadone addictionMethadone is a synthetic opioid with properties similar to morphine ad heroin. Methadone is often prescribed to treat severe pain after serious injury or major surgery. It works by decreasing the sensation of pain and muting the brain’s emotional response to pain. Methadone is also used as a substitute for patients undergoing detox from drugs such as heroin, codeine and other opiates. While methadone has been successful easing the detoxification process, it can also be highly addictive and often leaves the patient needing a second detox and round of treatment. If you have become addicted to methadone as a result of detox or because of abuse, it is important not to keep it to yourself. Secret addictions can’t be defeated.

Don’t Struggle with Methadone Addiction in Secret

For many struggling methadone users, addiction is a source of shame in their lives. If you became addicted to methadone while being treated for another addiction, you might feel defeated or feel as if you’ll never be able to end the cycle of addiction. You may want to keep this secret, but this will not help you recover.

Secrecy about Methadone Addiction Damages Relationships

Addiction can damage the relationships in your life. Methadone addiction can affect the trust between people who once had a close relationship. The reasons for this lack of trust are the lies necessary to keep addiction secret. Secrecy about a struggle as significant as methadone addiction can create great distance between even the closest of friends and family. Fathers, mothers, husbands and wives can become strangers to the ones they love because of a secret addiction.

Stop Keeping Methadone Addiction Secret

If you have a methadone addiction that you’ve been keeping secret, it’s time to let it out. Bringing your addiction into the light and getting the help you need can make the difference between life and death. If you struggle with addiction, you are not alone. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with a helpful representative who can help you find the treatment you need. The call is confidential, but talking to someone can help free you from the prison of secret addiction. Call today.