Suburban Methadone Use

Suburban Methadone UsePeople may believe that methadone addiction doesn’t happen in quiet suburban neighborhoods. However, people of all demographics abuse methadone. The faces of methadone addicts may surprise you, especially if you realize that your loved one or even yourself is addicted to the drug.

How Methadone Gets into the Suburbs

Methadone is a very powerful opioid (a synthetic opiate) that treats chronic pain and assists detox from stronger opiates like heroin. Methadone maintenance programs have great success rates when users attend a licensed methadone clinic, adhere to the program and seek additional psychological support. Despite its valuable medical purpose, methadone is still abused by many people because of its long-lasting effects when abused. Synthetic or not, it can get people high, lead to dependency or even a full blown addiction. Do not believe this drug is safe to abuse because it is administered in a professional setting.

Methadone abuse can become a concern in a number of ways. Someone may become addicted as a result of a prescription she grew to rely on, or she may become addicted to the drug even if she only took it recreationally. Either way, users should seek professional help as soon as they recognize that they are addicted.

Drugs like methadone don’t halt at the borders of the suburbs. Heroin, methamphetamines, cocaine and a number of other illicit drugs find their way into the suburbs on a daily basis. While people in the suburbs often abuse prescription drugs, today people are just as likely to find methadone addicts as they are to find addicts to a prescription painkiller. Some find that they transition from painkiller addiction to methadone abuse because the desired high from this latter drug is more intense and rapid. Either way, addiction is a dangerous condition, so find medically supervised detox to safeguard your health while you recover.

Treatment for Methadone Addicts

One of the great things about the suburbs is that they are often filled with close-knit communities that support one another. With this benefit, staging a methadone intervention is a valuable way of helping your loved one who is addicted to methadone. An intervention is your opportunity to detail to your addicted loved one how his actions and behaviors affect you and the rest of the family. With an interventionist, you can stage a successful intervention and help your addicted loved one get into a methadone detox program. Addiction does not need to be a life sentence, so find the support you need to address and end this debilitating problem.

Help for Methadone Addicts

Counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can connect you with a methadone intervention specialist, and they can also provide you with solutions for methadone detox and recovery. Addiction does not need to be the focal point in your life; call today to find out about the solutions you have available to you.