Cultural Issues Related to Methadone Addiction

Methadone is traditionally a part of opiate addiction treatment, but it is increasingly used as a painkiller. Some doctors prefer its long half-life and muted euphoric effects, but the expanded use led … [Read more...]

Can Methadone Cause Personality Disorders?

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Methadone Use Problems among 25-40 Year-Olds

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Preventing a Methadone Addiction from Getting Worse

Methadone is an opiate painkiller that can also aid opiate addiction recovery. Among opiates, methadone stands out for the following qualities: A half-life that lasts 36 hours on average Relief requires … [Read more...]

How Much Methadone Will Cause an Overdose?

Methadone is a powerful pain reliever in the opiate family. Methadone is also used as part of a treatment program for heroin addiction as it reduces the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox. Narcotics … [Read more...]

How Methadone Affects Sleep

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Hormonal Balance and Methadone Use

Today’s society is plagued with stress, overworked individuals and frustrating circumstances. Because of people’s stress load and constant frustrations, their hormones are often affected, even without … [Read more...]

Hepatitis and Methadone Abuse

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Effects of Methadone Abuse on the Immune System

Methadone is a drug often prescribed to help a person withdraw from opiates. Originally, physicians believed that the drug could free people from their addiction, but methadone itself is addictive. Over … [Read more...]

Can Methadone Affect My Memory?

Methadone is a medication prescribed for severe pain. It is also given to individuals recovering from heroin and prescription drug addiction. People who abuse these substances often change their brain … [Read more...]