The Cost of Methadone Addiction vs. the Cost of Rehab

The cost of Methadone addiction vs. the cost of rehabMethadone is a synthetic opioid used as a painkiller, cough suppressant and aid in opiate addiction recovery. Like all opioids, methadone is addictive and should only be used as prescribed for short-term use.

Many people who find themselves addicted to methadone would like to break free from chemical dependency. Methadone addiction recovery can be difficult because the withdrawal symptoms are painful and uncomfortable. Additionally, users are concerned about the cost of a rehab program. However, the cost of rehab is small compared to the cost of methadone addiction.

The Cost of Methadone Addiction

Users may not realize how much methadone addiction is actually costing them. The following are some of the costs associated with methadone use:

  • The monetary cost of methadone. When individuals are addicted to methadone, they may not care or even realize how much it costs to get more. Methadone can cost $500 or more per week. This price depends on how much the user is taking, where he or she gets the drugs and if insurance covers any of it. For some addicts it could cost them over $20,000 per year for the drugs alone.
  • Methadone costs time. Many users don’t realize how much time they spend trying to get more drugs. They may doctor shop and spend time travelling to different physicians. Others spend time finding the money to buy methadone from illegal sources. Even when a user is not spending time getting methadone, they are using their time to think about the drug and when and how they will next use.
  • Methadone can cost freedom. Buying and selling methadone is illegal. It can cost you jail time and fines of over $100,000.

At best, methadone addiction will only cost $50,000 over the span of two to three years. However, it is much more likely that the costs of addiction will surpass a quarter million dollars in the same amount of time.

The Cost of Methadone Rehabilitation

The cost of methadone rehab depends on several variables that will play into the total cost. Some people can go to rehab without paying a dime out of pocket while others may choose to spend a significant amount out of pocket. If you want to go to a high-end rehab center with no outside help, it can cost as much as $50,000. In comparison to methadone addiction, though, even the most expensive rehab centers appear reasonable. The following resources can help keep the cost of rehab low:

  • Government programs
  • Insurance
  • Help from family members

The best way to find rehab that meets your needs and budget is to talk to an addiction counselor, because when comparing the cost of methadone addiction with that of treatment, there is no comparison. Even the most expensive rehab centers will cost less than addiction. Additionally, your life has no monetary value. Methadone use is not worth the loss of life, damage to health and the harm done to personal relationships.

Need Help Finding a Rehabilitation Center for Methadone Abuse?

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