The Importance of Healthy Friendships in Maintaining Methadone Addiction Recovery

The Importance of Healthy Friendships in Maintaining Methadone Addiction RecoveryFriends, family and significant others impact methadone addiction recovery in profound ways. The support that loved ones offer motivate users during the early days of sobriety, but their criticism and judgment can also make sobriety much more challenging. The key to staying drug free is to stick with the winners, the people who discourage drug abuse and keep you sober.

Professional recovery centers are great places to make sober friends. People who meet in group therapy sessions—a component of most rehab programs—often attend support group meetings both during and after treatment, because this helps them cheer each other on in recovery. Healthy friendships also allow people to empathize with each other’s problems. In other words, friends who avoid methadone abuse can help you stay sober.

Benefits of Support Groups

Although no one can force you to get sober, there is a strong correlation between community support and recovery. People with social support are less likely to relapse, because peer support sustains the recovery process until internal motivation is strengthened. One way to surround yourself with friends is to join a support group, which will yield any of the following benefits:

  • Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged
  • Gaining a sense of empowerment
  • Improving coping skills and sense of adjustment
  • Reducing anxiety, distress and depression by sharing negative feelings
  • Gaining practical insights about treatment options
  • Learning from other people’s experiences and mistakes
  • Seeing other people succeed can help you maintain motivation
  • Getting concrete support, meaning friends can help you withstand cravings

Another way to get support is through 12-step sponsorship. This free mentoring resource connects addicts with other recovering addicts who are more experienced in addiction recovery. These one-on-one, private relationships can create invaluable opportunities for addicts to learn about themselves and recovery. A sponsor shares recovery tools, provides a listening ear and often connects the newcomer to the larger recovery community. People who do not want to join a support group can still have a sponsor, because any trusted person can fill this role to help a recovering user avoid relapse. The point to a support group is to avoid flying solo at all times, so seek professional help to get and stay clean from drug abuse.

Help for Methadone Addicts

If you or a loved one suffers from methadone addiction, then please reach out for professional help. Admissions coordinators are available at our toll free, 24 hour helpline to guide you to wellness. Please call today for immediate support.