Treatment for Underlying Causes of Methadone Addiction

Addiction to methadone may begin with an attempt to end an addiction to opiates such as heroin or prescription painkillers. Methadone can help recovering opiate users avoid the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms associated with such drugs. While any effort at addiction recovery is commendable, if your dependence on methadone continues beyond recommended times or if you are now using the methadone in ways not prescribed by a medical professional, you may have substituted one addiction for another. If you have a strong need for the drug and if you feel that you simply cannot function or fulfill your normal daily activities without resorting to methadone use, you most likely have an addiction problem.

Understanding Underlying Causes of Methadone Addiction

There are typically underlying causes that either cause or contribute to an addiction to methadone. Some important factors to consider as you seek underlying causes are the following:

  • If you began methadone as part of a rehab program for another opiate addiction, what insight did your rehab facility and/or treatment program give you into the underlying causes of that addiction?
  • What are the psychological stresses that prompt your feeling that you need methadone?
  • What are the social stresses that prompt your dependence on methadone?
  • Do you have a history of diagnosed mental illness?
  • Does anyone in your family have a history of diagnosed mental illness?
  • Does your use of methadone help you cope with dramatic mood swings?
  • Does your use of methadone help you through low feelings or periods of feeling “blue?”
  • Are you using methadone to avoid what you consider to be failures in relationships, in your career or in terms of your self-image

It could be that recent stressful events create situations where you feel you need some escape or some external help. Have you had recent stressful life events such as any of the following:

  • The loss of a job or the start of a new job
  • A significant change in family relationships
  • A move to a new house or new city
  • A significant shock such as an automobile accident, a natural disaster or a violent encounter
  • A loss of independence through injury or through the aging process

Any of the issues listed above can cause or contribute to methadone addiction, but addiction causes are certainly not limited to these items.

Treatment for Causes of Methadone Addiction

It is crucial that you come to an understanding of the underlying causes for your methadone addiction. This is necessary for any long-term recovery and it requires self-reflection and the help of professionals. To overcome the causes of methadone addiction you can do the following:

  • Seek counseling
  • Find mental health professionals who can lead you to a deeper understanding of your psychological makeup
  • Get into a rehab center that integrates drug treatment on the physical and physiological level with counseling and psychological support
  • Commit to understanding your own history, motivations and basic outlook

While any addiction is an unfortunate condition, there is the possibility that through effective treatment at a reputable rehab center you will not only be able to end your addiction to methadone but you will also learn more about yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses in ways that can help you throughout your life. Find a rehab facility that addresses the drug addiction as well as underlying causes.

The First Step in Methadone Addiction Recovery

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