What Does Personal Healing from Methadone Addiction Look Like?

What Does Personal Healing from Methadone Addiction Look Like?

If addicts want to find a life in recovery, they must dig deep into the underlying issues

When it comes to addiction recovery, people tend to focus on the addictive behavior rather than what caused it. The spotlight is on getting and staying sober instead of the personal journey of change that addicts must embark on to achieve lasting recovery.

Addicts do not intend a life of addiction, so there are always issues that encourage drug abuse whether someone begins abusing drugs or engaging in addictive behaviors. When people experience some sort of physical, mental or emotional pain, they are susceptible to substance abuse and addiction. An endless number of issues encourage addiction—such as stress, relationship problems, mental health disorders, previous trauma, relationship troubles, financial distress, death, illness, chronic pain, low self-esteem, loneliness, boredom and more—so learn which ones plague you to begin getting clean.

When people face pain or stress, they are vulnerable to drug abuse, especially if they lack support and strong coping skills. People want to fix their problems, relieve their stress and heal their pain as quickly as possible, so they may seek alternative solutions, even if those solutions are potentially hazardous, if they cannot feel well on their own. Even individuals who abuse drugs or alcohol to have fun have underlying issues that contribute to their substance abuse: people who must seek out self-destructive and harmful behaviors to find joy have some issues that need to be addressed to find a fulfilling life without addiction.

Personal healing from methadone addiction is a unique path. Everyone comes to table with their own circumstances and individual qualities, and addiction recovery does not come with a tutorial or manual, so addicts must realize that their addictions and recoveries will depend upon their personalities, health, lifestyles, environments and beliefs. If an addict wishes to find a life in recovery, then she must dig deep into her underlying issues. Healing from addiction can be compared to healing from a wound caused by a splinter: the splinter must removed for the wound to heal, so an addict must remove the pain in her life if she wants a life in recovery.

Self-healing is a process with multiple tracks. Everyone has a unique lifestyle, beliefs and learning style which will impact how he heals. Working through underlying issues of addiction is a huge component of treatment programs, and there are several ways of doing so. Numerous forms of therapy and counseling shed light on underlying issues, and then it is up to the addict how he will heal from his issues. This healing process does not happen overnight, as it can take months, even years for an addict to truly overcome certain problems. With the help of recovery professionals and a strong support system, addicts can find their way to peace and fulfillment without drugs or alcohol.

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