Who Can I Talk to About Methadone Addiction Treatment

Who can I talk to about Methadone addiction treatment?The following are individuals you can talk to about methadone addiction and treatment:

  • Family. Your family should be there for you through thick and thin. No one knows you and how to support you like your family does. Speaking to family about your methadone addiction issue may help repair the damage an addiction may have had on even the strongest relationships.
  • Friends. If it is difficult to be open with family or if you have friends you consider family, who better to open up to than these friends you trust. Loved ones outside your family can become your support group.
  • Coworkers. Telling your coworker or boss about a methadone addiction can seem like a big step, but you will end up one step closer to being drug free. Some employers are even willing to help fund treatment for their workers.
  • Religious leaders. Methadone addiction is more than a physical affliction. You may be more comfortable speaking to a pastor, priest, rabbi or other religious figure who can encourage you spiritually as you seek help for your addiction.
  • Doctor. Your doctor will know your body and be able to help monitor your prescriptions if you let him or her know about your addiction. Doctors will be able to get you in touch with treatment facilities and advise you on a professional level.
  • Counselor/therapist. If your school or place of work provides a counselor or therapist, this can be a perfect opportunity to open up about your methadone addiction. Any counselor or therapist will be able to direct you towards treatment options.
  • Rehab professionals. Going directly to the source for help can be useful. Finding a rehab facility and calling to speak with a rehab professional with methadone addiction experience will help support your recovery.

What Should You Say about Methadone Addiction?

The following are tips for talk about methadone addiction and treatment:

  • Start simple. There is no reason to feel pressured when speaking with someone about your addiction. You need help, so start with a request. Tell the person you have decided to trust that you need help with a personal issue.
  • Describe your individual situation. Let the other person know you have a methadone addiction by telling them about the subtle way addiction can sneak into a person’s life. No one sets out to become addicted. Causes of addiction range from a need for escape, a way to relieve stress or an accident through prescription use.
  • Ask for help. There comes a point when all you can do is ask the person you have decided to trust to help you. Ask them to keep you accountable for your drug use and help research methods of treatment for you and with you. You do not have to be alone in a struggle to get clean.

Talk to Us about Methadone Addiction Treatment

Are you or a loved one suffering from methadone addiction or another form of substance abuse? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our helpline is toll-free and available 24 hours a day. We are available to provide the information you need about methadone addiction recovery. When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.