Why Coming off Methadone Maintenance Is Important

Why coming off Methadone maintenance is importantMethadone is a synthetic opioid with properties similar to morphine and heroin. Methadone is prescribed to treat severe pain after serious injury or major surgery. It works to decrease the sensation of pain and the emotional response to pain.

Methadone is also used as a substitute for patients undergoing detox from heroin, codeine and other opiates. Ironically, and unfortunately, methadone can be highly addictive itself. For this reason, many recovering addicts find themselves addicted again and needing a second round of treatment. Some users may feel a psychological dependence to methadone as they see it as the only thing keeping them from the initial drug. If you want to be truly free of drugs and finally able to pursue a fulfilling future, coming off methadone is the first step.

What Does Recovery from Methadone Look Like?

Successful detox is a vital first step to recovery from methadone addiction. If your methadone addiction developed while you were being treated for another drug addiction, then you already know what the detox process looks like. The most important part of recovery begins after detox. Treatment without the use of other drugs can make the difference between a successful recovery and a relapse. Recovering users should participate in counseling and therapy options such as the following:

  • One-on-one counseling sessions
  • Group sessions
  • Group sessions involving the patients family

In aftercare, counselors work with patients to indentify and confront underlying issues that may have led to addiction in the first place. The goal of aftercare is to accomplish long-term recovery from methadone addiction, preventing relapse.

End Methadone Addiction

For some, addiction represents an endless cycle. Attempts to recover have only ended up in another addiction, to methadone or another drug used to treat addiction. This type of pattern never allows for true recovery and resolution. If the issues that caused the initial addiction are never addressed, then it will be difficult to break that pattern. Coming off methadone and taking advantage of the therapy, counseling and aftercare that a rehab facility can provide.

There are no shortcuts to true recovery. While a drug such as methadone can make the detox and withdrawal process more tolerable in the moment, it is all for not if it results in another addiction. Replacing one for another does nothing to end the cycle of addiction, it only continues it.

Get Treatment and Come off Methadone

If you struggle with methadone addiction and want to end the cycle of addiction, we want to help. Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline to speak with a representative who can help you determine what treatment is right for you. We can also help you determine whether or not your insurance will cover some or all of the cost of treatment. By receiving treatment without using another drug, you can take the first step to a truly drug-free, fulfilling future. We want to help you get there. Call now.