Why Methadone Addiction Leads to Compulsive Behavior

Why Methadone Addiction Leads to Compulsive BehaviorMethadone is an opioid narcotic that treats severe pain and opioid addiction. It treats opioid addiction because it is a weak opioid, so it can help addicts taper from stronger drugs. When doctors use methadone to treat addiction, they taper addicts off drugs to reduce withdrawal symptoms and prevent dangerous health conditions, which helps people break their physical drug dependencies. However, methadone is addictive, so without professional help people who use this drug are in danger of addiction.

The Science behind Methadone Addiction

What many people do not understand about addiction is that addicts cannot quit just because they want to. Hardly anyone sets out to become an addict, and few people are comfortable being addicts, but addiction is an illness that can lead to compulsive behavior. People may use drugs, think about it constantly and plan drug abuse without feeling able to stop. This is addiction, which can create dependency both physically and psychologically. The longer people use methadone, the more likely they are to become addicts that cannot quit.

Methadone works by altering the brain’s central nervous system. The more the drug is used, the stronger the drug influences the brain and its function. Proper brain functioning requires a specific chemical balance, and drugs interfere with this balance. Once the brain recognizes how drugs interfere with its functioning, it acclimates by halting production of its own chemicals to become balanced. This causes dependency, because now users need the drug for their brains to function normally. Stopping drug use will cause the body to respond harshly, as physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms may appear, the user will feel ill and he will experience strong cravings. As a result, individuals are encouraged to continue using drugs so they can avoid such problems.

To avoid withdrawal symptoms and to feed drug cravings, people may compulsively seek drugs like methadone. The intense need to satisfy cravings becomes an obsession which can cause compulsive behavior. Methadone addicts may make reckless, suspicious and illegal choices without thinking twice, because their physical and psychological need to maintain the addiction is so strong.

Help Breaking Methadone Addiction

Addiction is a time-sensitive issue, meaning the longer it lasts, the more dangers it causes, and the harder it is to get clean. If you are ready regain control over your life by ending your methadone addiction, then call our toll-free helpline now. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to help you. They can answer your questions about addiction, give you information about treatment and even help you find the methadone addiction resources that are right for your unique needs. You are not alone in your addiction; call us now to begin your recovery today.