Why Your Therapists Aren’t Your Enemy

Why Your Therapists Aren’t Your Enemy

There is a misconception that therapists are adversaries, but therapy is a valuable tool to use during addiction recovery

Speaking with a therapist during addiction recovery can teach you about your addiction and the skills you need to avoid relapse. However, even though it benefits recovery users to speak with professional therapists, some users see their therapists as adversaries. You may not always like what a therapist has to say, but she is your ally and is working to help you heal from addiction so you can have a normal life. In other words, seek help from a professional therapist to get and stay clean from methadone abuse.

Therapists Want to Help You Recover from Addiction

Addiction therapists can teach you about what causes your addiction and how to manage the causes of your drug abuse, but some people have negative perceptions of therapists. In fact, some users see therapists as people who want to change users, or as people who force the user to be someone else, but changing behavior does not mean changing who someone is. To get the most out of addiction treatment, you must change the way you live, and therapists can help you determine what needs to change for you to stay sober. Therapists may discuss the behaviors that you can change to manage your addiction, and these changes may include avoiding old friends or situations that can trigger relapse. Furthermore, you could learn new ways to manage stress or you could find new activities to replace substance abuse. However, none of these behaviors seek to change a user’s identity.

Therapists and Recovering from Addiction

Some users fail to recover from addiction on their own, so they are left wondering what went wrong. Well, receiving some kind of therapy during addiction recovery is necessary if you want to make a full recovery. No matter how bad you want to recover, you will have a difficult time staying clean unless you have someone trained to help you make a complete recovery. Without a therapist, you forgo the personal attention needed to get to the root of your addiction. Furthermore if you treat addiction on your own and relapse, then you will have no one to turn to; however, by seeing a professional therapist, you will have a teammate in your fight against addiction.

You Can Beat Addiction

You may feel hopeless in your addiction, but professional treatment can help you make a full recovery from methadone abuse. Call our toll-free helpline today to speak with an admissions coordinator about what happens during addiction treatment and how therapy can improve your recovery. Our staff are here for you 24 hours a day, and they can let you know if your health insurance will pay for rehab. Pick up the phone and call now.